Safari in Yala National Park

Yala National Park

Moving onto land, the island’s most popular safari destination is Yala National Park. Recently, it has received much publicity, from wildlife documentaries such as “Nightstalkers” by BBC and “Wild Sri Lanka” by National Geographic.

Yala’s most prominent attraction is its healthy leopard population and high probability of quality sightings, even with relatively high tourist traffic to the park. We bet you didn’t know that Sri Lanka has its own endemic sub-species of leopard – panthera pardus kotia –, which has slightly different features to a typical African leopard.

Yala is a mix of dry woodland with a few grasslands, plains and several watering holes and rocky outcrops. Sloth bear, deer, elk, monkeys, a plethora of birdlife – both resident and migrant, buffalo and reptiles are on display (of course, a bit of luck never hurts!).

The Park’s cast and crew of wildlife are dynamic and entertaining. A good guide will help you track leopard and bear and read the signs of the jungle, such as alarm calls and foot-prints and increase your chances for good sightings.


How much?
  • $165.00 per person for two
  • $115.00 per person for groups of four to six
What you get?
  • Round Trip Transport
  • Day Trip – Departure 3:30 am
  • Refreshments
Our ‘two cents’!
  • Most guests go with high expectations of a leopard sighting and the cost of this excursion merely provides you transport to the park and will connect you with tracker/guide who will take you into the park. A sighting in this instance has a lot to do with luck.
  • If an anxious wild life enthusiast, our suggestion to increase the chances of a sighting is a one night stay over at one of the most reputed camps – Leopard Trails that have some of the best guides and trackers in Yala. We recommend booking early to ensure a spot!


distance to hotels
180 KM from Cantaloupe Aqua to Yala
184 KM from Cantaloupe Levels to Yala

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