Adventure Tours at Rumassala Sri Lanka

Need more of a challenge? How about a trek up and around Rumassala Mountain! Keep an eye out for wildlife – particularly Raptors and Purple-Faced Leaf Monkeys while killing those thighs and justifying the afternoon beers.

For extra weight, carry a towel and your swimming and snorkeling gear and head down to Jungle Beach for a swim and snorkel around the coral.


How much?
  • Sweat capital will suffice!
What you get?
  • Have King Coconut Water at the end of your trek! Did you know that King Coconut water naturally has an electrolyte level that almost rivals blood plasma. It truly lives up to the title – ‘King’ of all coconut varieties, being the premium source of natural hydration.
Our ‘two cents’!
  • It’s best you find out for yourself!


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