Immersing in Island Life Galle

The vast selection of dining options in and around Galle means you will be aching for something active to do soon enough. Well that’s perfect because we have some pretty hip activities that will help you burn calories and explore the coastline beyond the bar you order your next Mojito from!

Adding even more to the unique diversity of the Island we can also throw in a healthy dose of luxury and glamour through numerous experiences. We can arrange for you to charter your own mini Yatch, catch your dinner and have an on board chef prepare you a gourmet meal and watch a surreal sunset on the bay!

Water Sports

Surf. Sea. Swim. Sports - Adrenalin junkies, here is your fix.

Yoga & Wellness
Culinary Demonstrations
Romantic Dining
Aerial Tours
Explore the south on wheels

Feel like living out your own room com? Eat, Pray, bike?

Hiking in Rumassala

Climb a mountain, all by your seflie


Grab a board, learn to balance and seriously consider quitting your day job and becoming a surfer.


Don’t hold back, DIVE in and explore the unknown. It is waiting for you.