Historical Tour around Galle Dutch Fort

Take a walking tour of the Galle Fort – a UNESCO Heritage Site – in the company of a knowledgeable guide and explore the Fort’s key attractions and its nuances.

The tour usually starts with exploring some fascinating museums inside the Fort.  Other key monuments include the Fort Lighthouse and Clock tower. After the tour, take a stroll around the shopping area in the Dutch Hospital complex, or amble along the maze of charming cobblestone streets. One feels a unique sense of travelling back in time.

The morning tour ends with lunch at one of the cafes in the Fort, while the evening tour will end on the ramparts at sunset.  We suggest the evening tour because not only is it cooler but there is an unmistakable magic in the fort at sunset.

The soft golden light, the buzz of activity as the locals end their day, and the cliff-divers who jump off the ramparts into what appears to be nothing more than four feet of water. Fact – did you know that when you look out from the ramparts, there is no other landmass between you and the Antarctic!


What it costs?
  • $85.00 for two (with Guide)
  • $50.00 for two (without guide)
The Experience
  • Guide
  • Morning Round (Drop 10:00 am – Leave 2:00 pm)
  • Afternoon Round (Drop 4:00 am – Leave 8:00 pm)
  • Duration flexible 3-5 hours depending on guests
  • Refreshments
  • Transport in AC Vehicle
  • Tour in Fort; Historical, Shopping, Sights, Museums
  • Does not include ANY ADDITIONAL expense (e.g. tickets, tips, etc)
Our words of wisdom!
  • Both the morning and evening excursions are recommended for different reasons. However there is less heat and a beautiful sunset to end the evening tour.
  • “Must-visit” cafes are Peddlers Gelato, run by third-generation ice cream makers from Italy; Crepology which serves amazing sweet and savory crepes.


Galle Fort Tour on a Self Balancing Scooter! Fun!

Learn how to ride a Self Balancing Scooter and take part in Sri Lanka’s first gliding tour. Led by your guide these small group tours offer the ‘coolest’ way to discover Galle Fort.


What it Costs?
  • Transport to Galle $60
  • 60 Minute Glide Experience $22.50
  • 2 Adults & 2 Children (Under 18) are entitled to a 10% discount
The Experience!
  • You will glide around the ramparts, lanes and gateways of UNESCO World Heritage Site Galle Fort whilst enjoying plenty of amazing photo opportunities. Tour highlights include: Lighthouse, Point Utrecht Bastion, Triton Bastion, Dutch Reform Church, Old Gate, Pedlars Street.
Our words of wisdom
  • Great fun with the guide as it is educational and adventurous together!


distance to hotels
8 KM from Cantaloupe Aqua to Galle Fort
4 KM from Cantaloupe Levels to Galle Fort