Hadunugoda Tea Estate Sri Lanka

Many of our guests spend most, if not all, of their holiday along the southern coastal belt. Although the epicenter for tea-based tourism is in the hill country, Galle isn’t far from some beautifully manicured plantations, from tea to spices.

Allow us to introduce Handungoda. Spanning around 200 acres, this one of a kind plantation comprises of Tea, Rubber, Cinnamon, Pepper and Coconut estates. On this tailor-made, one-hour tour of the estate, you will get an introduction to the art of tea tasting, try some unique, award winning “white tea”, learn about the smallholder plantation economy and why it’s a vital source of income for the south. Learn about the key markets that Sri Lanka exports its produce to and soak in the beauty of the estate grounds!


How much?
  • $70.00 for two
What you get?
  • Round Trip Transport.
  • Morning Round (10:00 am) / Afternoon Round (03:00 PM).
  • Duration 3 Hours.
  • Refreshments.
Our words of wisdom
  • A must try for tea enthusiasts.


distance to hotels
16 KM from Cantaloupe Aqua to Hadunugoda
20 KM from Cantaloupe Levels to Hadunugoda
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