Ahangama & Midigama

The drive south of Galle, takes you along Sri Lanka’s scenic Southern coastline. Talpe is a sleepy village with a charming aesthetic; coconut trees lining secluded beaches, which are punctuated by beautiful sunsets.

As you work your way down the coast, you will find Ahangama and Midigama –neighbouring beaches that have quietly made a name for themselves as two of the best surf locations in Sri Lanka such as Lazy Left, Plantation Point, Coconut Point and Midigama Right to name a few . It is popular amongst surfers who prefer less commercial and touristy spots.

Although comparatively ‘low key’, this stretch of the coast doesn’t lack character or charisma. We can hook you up with an insider’s perspective of the area to make sure you make the most of your time.

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distance to hotels
10 KM from Cantaloupe Aqua
13 KM from Cantaloupe Levels
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