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Cantaloupe LEVELS (LEVELS), an intimate Luxury and Lifestyle boutique hotel, in Rumassala, near Galle, is the second property under the Cantaloupe Hotels portfolio. Picturesquely perched on the lush green Rumassala headland, this luxuriously quirky boutique hotel reveals views of a wide turquoise bay that stretches from Jungle Beach all the way to the world famous Dutch Fort of Galle. Sumptuous guestrooms, an eye-catching tri-colour infinity pool and sultry areas for dining and imbibing make this the place to be on the Southern coast.

The colonialists referred to Rumassala as ‘Buono Vista’ (a spin off the Spanish buena vista), or ‘pleasant view’, thanks to the breath-taking panorama that stretches from the ocean to far inland. However, it was Valmiki who first featured Rumassala in his Indian Hindu Epic, the Ramayana, enshrining it in mystery and legend. As the story goes, the evil King Ravana of Lanka abducted Sita, the wife of India’s Prince Rama, and brought her to Sri Lanka. Amidst the bloody battle to rescue her, Rama’s brother Laxman was injured and Hanuman, the legendary monkey God, was sent back to India to collect specific medicinal herbs that would save his life. In his haste Hanuman forgot which herbs were required and instead brought back pieces of the Himalayas containing a melee of herbs and accidently dropped one of them at Rumassala. Even though the Ramayana is a mythological story, the rare and endemic flora found on the mountain mysteriously seems to support its legendary tale.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rumassala is also thought to have rare magnetic properties. The late Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a renowned British science fiction writer who made Sri Lanka his home, attributed this to a meteorite strike and it is said that satellites cannot be placed directly above the hilltop in space. As such, the aura alluding from all of this mythological possibility definitely gives LEVELS a mysterious edge.

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