Cantaloupe House Ahangama

Cantaloupe house ahangama is an exquisitely restored Walauwa located in a serene village just a minute inland from the Galle Matara road.

Wallawwas were typically occupied by the head of the village and have a unique combination of traditional Sri Lankan and colonial style architecture.

Cantaloupe House ahangama has beautifully fitted out interiors, which have been brought up to date whilst still paying homage to the history and style of traditional Walawwas. The furnishings are both traditional and contemporary with significant attention paid to craftsmanship, design and finishes.

There are six rooms in total with the three deluxe rooms featuring spacious living areas, outdoor showers, walk-in closets and private outdoor patios. The suite located on the upper floor features a private living room and an outdoor shower. The rooms have been finished to the highest of standards.

The gardens are beautifully abundant and surround the property giving a serene tropical retreat environment, which is a welcome contrast to the coastal ambiance of the surrounding beach resorts in Ahagama and Midigama.

The hospitality experience of Cantaloupe House Ahangama will take inspiration from the warmth, charm and abundance of traditional Sri Lankan homes. Our culinary concept which will be inspired by home grown recipes passed down through the generations and not usually found in commercial restaurants.

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