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Kingdom of Cantaloupe Galle Beach Hotel

Our Group

Cantaloupe & Co is not an image. It is a lifestyle that takes pride in its distinction and confidence. Cantaloupe & CO (hereafter, Cantaloupe) was founded with the intention of evolving into a lifestyle, that carves out a niche market for individuals, who aspire to find a world where fantasy meets reality.  Cantaloupe began with designing spaces and operating venues and then ventured into hospitality.

All things Cantaloupe are spawned from the seed, which is creativity nurtured by attention to detail and quality. Cantaloupe believes in the essence of timelessness and forming strong connections with their products. Thinking outside the box becomes the norm. This is where the future of Cantaloupe lies.


Our Hotels

Cantaloupe Hotels (originally known as Cantaloupe Villas) was established as the hospitality arm of the group and opened their first property- Cantaloupe Aqua in Unawatuna, Talpe in 2010. Following the success, of Cantaloupe Aqua, Cantaloupe Hotels opened their second property- Cantaloupe Levels in Rumassala, Galle in 2014.

Cantaloupe Hotels is now expanding its portfolio to encompass an exciting third property development in Midigama (3 Km before Weligama), Cantaloupe Pastel, a 30 room beach resort and surf academy. The property is currently under construction and is expected to open in 2016/17.

Cantaloupe is delighted to announce its acquisition of a fourth beachfront property just over a kilometer away from the famous Mirissa bay. The concept will be a development of our AQUA model incorporating a fully-fledged SPA. This project too is due to open middle to end of 2016.

Both new properties are at the cutting edge of design, flair and amenities and are guaranteed to raise the bar in terms of contemporary Boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. We will incorporate our unique hallmarks to ensure continuation and evolution of our brand.

Our Brand

We immerse ourselves in all things creative, combining the old with the new, and the quintessentially classic with the elegantly contemporary. Limitless creativity, brand building and innovative entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of our enterprise.

Our tri colour flag encapsulates our brand attitude:

Pink – Glamour, charm and flamboyance

White – Purity and positivity

Luminous Green – Natural harmony and balance

The characteristics of these three colors are applied to our attitude, design concepts and product. Our brand aims to emulate the island way of life in our guest experience. #OurLifestyleYourExperience

The Cantaloupe logo is a combination of the Kingdom of Cantaloupe’s signature design elements such as the crown, representations of specific divisions of the group and the colours of the Cantaloupe and Sri Lankan flag The intention behind incorporating the colours of Sri Lanka, is for Cantaloupe to pay homage to its origin and most importantly promote national equality and unity.

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

At Cantaloupe Hotels, our mission is to seek beautiful and unique locations and create luxurious and contemporary spaces with personalized service that will emulate the unique island experience.

Vision Statement

Through the elements of limitless creativity, brand building and innovative entrepreneurship we aspire to be the premier boutique hospitality group in the country.

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Pursuit of quality and service
  • Image and brand building
  • Respect for one’s craft, competency and understanding
  • Entrepreneurship

Kingdom of Cantaloupe Newsletters

December 2015